Student reflections...

My favorite parts of science class this year was the experiments we did. Usually in science we just read from the textbook. In this science class we're hands on.

Things that Ms. Frizzle did to help me were explaining the things I didn't get. When I needed something she got it. Gave me words to use.

I wish Ms. Frizzle had a class of chemistry like when you mixe liquids and smoke comes out. I wish she also had things to dissect.

The kids overwhelmingly want to do chemistry and dissections.

I wished Ms. Frizzle had not given me alot of lab reports this whole year because that is so much thinking for the entire year.

Things that Ms. Frizzle did to help me were that if I didn't understand something, she would break it down step by step. She explains the concepts thoroughly for me to understand.

Things that Ms. Frizzle did to help me were waiting for me to finish my experiment even after the deadline. Or not complaining so much about a simple little things like other teachers do, she just takes it calmly not violently.

I wish Ms. Frizzle had given my mother study sheets earlier in the year because my grade could have started going up.

Things that Ms. Frizzle did to help me were... you picked on me. I didn't think it was bad. I was glad that you did that because other teachers don't pick on me just to pick on me. It's mostly to help, and I kind of liked it. (Ed. note: she means picking her to answer questions)

I am reallly going to miss you. You really were the only teacher who I feel who really cared. Thank you! Wow. I would not have guessed. Do you ever really know what's going on in their heads?

Things Ms. Frizzle did to help me was get mad at me. And always say that I had to meet her halfway. This from a bright but very, very troubled girl who never met me even one tenth of the way. I just kept hitting her with the same message. Maybe one day she'll be able to not just hear it, but act on it.

Things Ms. Frizzle did to help me were when she graded my work, she was really specific on what I had to do; and it helped me realize what I was doing wrong, so I won't make the mistake again.

I wish Ms. Frizzle had things to digest. It would be kind of fun opening frogs and stuff.

I wish Ms. Frizzle had an air conditioner. Every day coming into a hot room then having to think with hot air. It really doesn't work for me. Doesn't work for me either, honey, but it's not up to me.

And the honesty awards go to...

My favorite part of science class was all the times wen peoples phones got taken away because it was funny.

My favorite part of science class this year was nothing because we only did work work work we did not relax a little.

And that, folks, is really the end. Ms. Frizzle is dead, or maybe, like Walt Disney, just cryogenically frozen in hopes of future revival.

I should be in bed but...

it's the end of a long day, and I need a few minutes to just sit on my bed and wind down. So I may as well write something. I'm still sick. But the fever is under control and the body aches are (mostly) gone and I know what it is and have Cipro to treat it, and so I was back at work today. I'm not sure if it was disorientation from having been in so much pain for four days and then re-entering the real world, or whether the fever killed off a few brain cells, or whether it was all the medication I've taken this week, but I definitely was spacey in school today, enough so that several people commented on it. Normally, the words that come out of my mouth line up pretty nicely with what I want to say, but today my words were trying to keep up with thoughts that kept jumping around.... it was kind of amusing, and harmless, and the kids didn't notice anything, so....

I have another prescription for more Cipro to take with me to India, so the worst that happens with the typhoid situation is that I get it, take the Cipro, and get better. I will not die in India. That's a relief.

I sign my lease tomorrow. I would be more excited about this if it weren't going to be such a huge strain on my budget. When I tell people the rent and the neighborhood, they point out that it's actually a good rent for a 1 bedroom in Inwood, which it probably is. But it's a huge increase for me, and the broker's fee is what really hurts. There's not a lot I can do, and at least I love the apartment. So much the worse to be broke and moving into a place you're not that wild about!

And I can pick up my work visa tomorrow. I probably won't make it to the Consulate, which is in a completely different part of town from the new apartment, but knowing that it's available to pick up is such a relief.

Field Day was cancelled due to the likelihood of rain. It didn't rain, but I didn't hear any complaints. Our awards ceremony was pulled together through herculaean efforts, given that no one did anything about it on Monday and essentially all the color printers at school were broken, but we did it. Of course, even though we'd reserved the auditorium, a teacher from the elementary school was using it and would not be budged, so we ended up having it in a gym space, with the kids sitting on the floor. It was kind of anti-climactic.


1. I'm sick as a dog. It was over 90 degrees in our classrooms on Friday, so hot that no one believed me when I told them I thought I had a fever. Then I went home, lay down, took my temperature: 102.5. I've had to run around all weekend looking for an apartment. I missed the 8th grade graduation because the trains were all messed up and I was late to my first apartment visit earlier that morning and then was too far away to make it back to the ceremony.

2. Anyway, I think I've found a place: it's too expensive, but it's huge, beautiful, in a pre-war building in Inwood, and, most importantly, they liked my credit and let me leave a deposit to hold the place until I can fax them a hundred more financial documents. The whole process makes me so angry. Why do you need my last three pay stubs, my last bank statement, my tax returns, my social security card, my last six rent receipts... I pay my bills! That's what the credit check proved! They are charging a high fee for a "broker" who, as far as I can tell, doesn't exist and has done nothing to rent the apartment (although I have her business card and have to make out a money order to her. The previous tenant posted the ad and showed me the place. He's as pissed as I am. But enough rage, the point is, it's a gorgeous apartment in a pretty and safe neighborhood. Also the place has fios internet which is a plus. I'm so sick of my cable internet going out all the time. Now I have to figure how to actually order the service. Hope it's not a pain. I think I'll get some bundle help to make sure I'm getting a deal and not screwed over.

3. My health plan won't cover my typhoid vaccine for India. Luckily, they will cover the malaria vaccine. I'm irritated that I have to pay $75 out of pocket for something that will protect my health while travelling, but that's not the main issue. We have to fill "maintenance" prescriptions through a mail-order service. I didn't think a typhoid vaccine was a maintenance medication, so I took it to my normal pharmacy, way back in May when I got the prescription. Two days later, they told me they couldn't fill it, so I mailed it in. I got two automated messages on my voicemail telling me the mail order pharmacy had received and filled my prescription. But nothing arrived in the mail. I started to get a little anxious, because I have to start taking this at least two weeks before I go (I'm leaving July 5th - we're now well past the two week mark). So, I called customer service to ask about the missing prescription. They told me they would re-order it and mail it overnight mail, but I'd have to pay the co-pay again. Okay. Two days later, guess what arrives? A letter informing me that they couldn't fill it, and my original prescription. Upshot? I can't get the medication until Monday, and as a result, I will be at risk of getting typhoid for the first few days I'm in India. What I fail to understand is why they didn't tell me on the phone - or earlier - that they couldn't fill the prescription. I could have gone to my doctor for another, taken it to a local pharmacy, and filled it myself a week ago!

4. Earlier this week, my exchange partner emailed me, saying I needed to fax her my transcripts immediately, along with copies of my diplomas. I faxed the transcripts the next day but.... I have this weird situation with my master's degree diploma, which you can only understand if you work in NYC. Basically, I got my masters during a two year period when Teachers College, TFA, and the DOE teamed up to pay for teachers to get masters degree in exchange for a longer commitment to teaching in NYC schools. It was a sweet deal; I didn't have to pay very much for my degree. I did my part, and Columbia did theirs, but of course, when it came time to pay the bills, the DOE never came through. So, when I graduated, I couldn't get my diploma. The school acknowledges that I graduated when asked, but no diploma. I went back and stood in line at the registrar's office three or four times in the year and a half after I finished my degree, but each time, the story was the same. The agreement was between TC, TFA, and the DOE, so I couldn't really apply pressure on the DOE directly, as it wasn't an agreement they entered into with me personally. Finally, I gave up, figuring I had the degree, TC would back me up on that, did I really need the piece of paper? Hmmm. Now I do. I'm hoping that when I stop by TC on Monday afternoon, the problem will have resolved itself and they'll be able to give me a diploma. But I have to admit, I'm not confident of this.

5. Monday is our awards ceremony and Tuesday is Field Day, both of which I am really, really involved with planning, only I've been too busy and too sick and waiting on information from other people, and now... I don't know how they're going to happen.


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